Label Templates

Austab Labels has a large selection of label templates available for all our standard label sheet configurations. These templates are provided free of charge. Whilst most A4 sheet labels are similar there may be slight variations in the size of the label from brand to brand.


Note: The templates require that you have Microsoft Word on your computer.

Download the label size required from the samples shown to match your label size.

Open the download – you should see ‘gridlines’ on your new Microsoft Word document. If you only see a blank page please click here for steps on how to correct this.

Enter your information into the labels as indicated. For fields not filled in, you do not need to delete the “Enter label contents here” text – this will not print on your label.

Select your desired font and format the label as required.

Print onto your labels using the correct printer for the label being used – Laser Printer, Ink Jet Printer, or by printing onto A4 paper and copying the labels through your photocopier using our Multi-Use Labels.

You’re finished!

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