50mm x 326mm Blank Racking Labels BLUE

$78.65 ex GST

50mm x 326mm | 500 Labels per roll

White Synthetic Permanent Labels

For Printed Labels: Following purchase, a downloadable file will be available containing a printing template and instructions. Contact us on (03) 8369 9777 during business hours if you require additional assistance.


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Our synthetic warehouse rack labels offer performance,  superior durability, no fading, cracking or peeling and long lasting readability

Racking labels are used by our customers in warehouse and distribution operations to help identify pallet locations on racking. Racks with location labeling become efficient storage systems where pallets can be stored and found again quickly with the right warehouse management system.

You can purchase the blank labels to print yourselves or we can print them for you using the highest quality resin ribbons.

Contact us on (03) 8369 9777 for any special requirements you may have.


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